Mateo Posada

Garzon Tannat Reserva


Yesterday I open a Tanat Garzon from Uruguay, it was a different experience, it’s been a while since I try this unique grape, the first thing that hit my nose was a very interesting plum aroma, with a subtle black currant undertone. The palate was very harmonious and very well balance, the acid was balance and the alcohol it was well integrated in the flavor profile. The flavor of black current,  plum and baking spices gave this bottle of wine a well diverse and a capacity to be very flexible in the paring.

I did this paring with some pinto beans and ground pork in the spicier side, and it was a very good combination and never one thing overpowered the other one.

I recommended this wine in the paring with almost anything the only salty thing I think this wine cannot take in the best way it’s the pasta made with the base of tomatoes

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