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Linda Flor La Violeta

I was looking to write about an especial wine from my cellar, and I found this Mendozinian Malbec with a 2010 vintage, I never had

Brass Rabbit

I found this Pinot Blanc from one of the smallest countries in Europe: Luxembourg, I was intrigue due to the size of the country and

Banshee Steward’s Selection I

This wine is a red blend is in the style of the reds of the Napa Valley, it’s an interesting blend of 52% Sonoma, 32%


This wine is made with the staple grape of South Africa ( The ); this grape can create very interesting wines with different flavor profiles,

Bat Shlomo

This wine was recommended to me by Ilan Daniel ( @ilan_wine_route) helping me in my search to expand my knowledge of wines of the ancient

Osborne Pedro Ximenez

In the South of Spain in the region of Andalusia in a small town named Jerez they produced some dessert wines. I choose the unique

Garzon Tannat Reserva

Yesterday I open a Tanat Garzon from Uruguay, it was a different experience, it’s been a while since I try this unique grape, the first

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