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Pairing in food and wine

Here are some of my favorite’s food pairings of food and wine:

Steak– I think the best to pairing for this dish is a Malbec, or Tennant because the increased acidity of these wines can cut through the marbelization of the meat; and if you want to put some Blue cheese or chimichurri sauce, both wines can handle it perfectly without and the fruit in these wines cleanses the palate for the next bite.

Chinese food – I know the Umami flavor and the complexity of the sweet and sour of these foods can complicated the selection of the perfect wine to go with these dishes, but there is an very good pairing available: A bottle of Resling, this white wine can handle the spicy, or the sweet and sour without any problem, and the flavor of apple and pear can give you a refreshing explosion of flavor in your mouth.

Roasted pork– the pork meat can be complicated due the amount of seasoning and fat content, but a Garnacha from Spain can be a perfect alternative for the pairing; it brings red fruit flavor, acidity and the minerality that can make eating the pork an amazing experience

Roasted Chicken – In my opinion the best option for this food is the unoaked Chardonnay with a little acidity to reveled that classic apple, pear, quince flavors that paired with the poultry in a marvelous way, and give to it an interesting mixture of flavors that increased the satisfactory experience of this traditional dish.

Chile – This can be challenge since the spicy beans can have a very strong flavor, plus the smokey flavor of the chili powder, and the jalapeno makes this dish a very complicated and complex food, but I think the best companion is a Shiraz from Australia, this wine can handle the flavors of the beans and the spicy, due to its flavors of blueberry, pepper creating a perfect harmony in the dish

French Fries – This one is a fun one, yeah I mean those French fries from your favorite fast food restaurant, my suggested pairing is a Champagne, the saltiness goes perfect with the calcarean profile of the champagne and the acidity and salt just heighten those amazing bready flavors of yeast and yogurt  flavors that the champagne have

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