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If you need to make a home wine selection which wine you select.

You have so many options of wine types, grape varieties, regions; and you question yourself what to buy for an everyday drink, sometimes it’s a normal weekday and you want to open a wine to relax and enjoy the food that you prepared, and you don’t want to break the bank. You go to the wine store and the selection can be intimating and overwhelming, when you decided a grape, now you have the problem the terroir, vintage, etc.. here are some of my personal options to select a wine for everyday

Resling (country France or Germany) – If you want to have a dry Resling your best bet its Alsace; 100% Varietal is used across the region, but they are more alcoholic that their German counterparts, but from the money value they are a good option, the best thing you can aged. The Germany Rieslings can be dry, semi-dry or sweet, but they are also good options for an everyday white wine that can be fun and goes well with a variety of dishes.

Verdejo (Rueda, Spain) –  This white wine from the Rueda region it’s an undervalue vine; its flavor profile is a very good one (lime, Honey melon, Grapefruit, fennel and white peach) this wine has an strong body and acidity that can be a good companion for any seafood dish, and it value/quality still one of the best in the business.

Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina) – This red wine is truly jack of all trades, this wine can handle from steak, to a pasta, to pizza; this wine not only created an amazing experience in all the senses, with the enough acidity that can handle the chimichurri sauce. One of the best food combinations, in my opinion, is pairing it with a lasagna Bolognese, it’s a great wine to have in any house collection due to its flexibility and the price/quality value.

Tannat (Uruguay) – this red wine from Uruguay has an stronger body than a Malbec, with this grape you have the same flexibility than a Malbec, but with a little bit more body and woody flavor profile. This wine still very unknown in USA giving you the opportunity to find awesome quality wines for a lower price point.

Franciacorta (Italy) – This sparkling wine from Italy is a very especial vine from Brescia, It is made with the classic method (Champaigne), and with the minerality of the soil in Lombardia; the quality of the grape creates an amazing combination of flavors, this wine even notes of yoghurt and crème fraiche similar to  a champagne at half of the price)

These are some of my recommendations for a foundational small collection in your house.

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