Mateo Posada



This champagne took me by surprise, I took this bottle out of my wine cellar and I found it was aged at least 5 years in the bottle, it was a beautiful experience to try this aged champagne with gold color and the scarce bubbles but still present; this is a collection of my tasting notes of this experience, because it is hard to find an no vintage champagne with some aging. Aroma: The first aroma was from crème fraiche and the yogurt that open this bouquet of aromas, with tones of baked apple, but you find a more reduced intensity in the aromas. Palate: Here is where these champagne shines; the first flavor that you find its from apricot, then found some lemon tart, I didn’t find any tertiary flavors, but I found a little bit of bruise apple flavor. This champagne show what happened if you aged the champagne and how this sparkling evolves from a bright wine with high acidity, to a more mellow and more mature, stone fruit wine. This bottle evolved to a more complex and interesting experience. Its not like the vintage champagne that evolve to a more one-dimensional wine, this wine its more a multi-dimensional and more of fruit reduction.

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