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Linda Flor La Violeta


I was looking to write about an especial wine from my cellar, and I found this Mendozinian Malbec with a 2010 vintage, I never had the opportunity to try a malbec with this age. It was an interesting experience, because you need to decant it for at least 3 hours and normally I don’t decant my Malbecs, this was a real treat. When this malbec aged, its aroma changed to red fruit with a subtle oak without tones of vanilla aroma that the red wines normally gain, and you can detect a caramel smell in the undertone that unify the bouquet, it was a very surprising bouquet for a Malbec. The palate its interesting, because the acidity its totally gone, and you gain a very dominant red fruit flavor, and the minerality started to show in the graphite undertones of this tasting. It’s interesting, because I never tasted that flavor in a Malbec wine from Mendoza before, and to the undertone flavor is a pleasant violet flavor. This wine remained me more an old-world profile than the vibrant new world. It was definitively an interesting experience because you can see when you age a Malbec the is transforms from a food wine to a more elegant and complex wine almost without flaws. I recommend this wine with some soft cheese, or by itself, and just enjoy the trip and see how aging can change a grape expectation.

Perfect Malbec

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