Mateo Posada

Brass Rabbit


I found this Pinot Blanc from one of the smallest countries in Europe: Luxembourg, I was intrigue due to the size of the country and my complete ignorance of a wine industry that elaborate wines from that origin. It’s one of the most well-known white grapes in the Alsace region in France, another thing that caught my attention was the lack of the vintage in the bottle, that means it’s a mixed of different years.

I open the bottle with open mind without any expectation.

Aroma– The first aroma was of pear; this is the principal smell, but has an undertone of peach and crushed gravel (meaning than the wine has some minerality) in the middle, and finish there is a sublime aroma of Tarragon.

Palate – it’s a simple wine in the palate, this wine has the flavor profile of pear, crushed gravel and apple.

This wine is a semi sweet wine, with a medium acid. This type of wine is great to start a party or a dinner using it as a talking point due the interesting way they used the grape Pinot Blanc and the origin of the wine itself. I paired this wine with a soft cheese and it was a good pairing, but I pushed this wine to the limit, I think this wine it’s the perfect aperitif for a good party.

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