Mateo Posada

BBQ and Wine

What is the best wine for a burger or a BBQ rib without demanding on the table multiples wine bottles? One of the more complex common sauces that you find in your pantry is the ketchups due to the complexity of its flavor (it hit all the major flavor groups: sweet, acid, sour and umami). Ketchup is the base of the BBQ sauce. This results in a complex decision on how to pair the mundane burger or anything that have that bold BBQ flavor.

In my opinion the best the wines to paired a good BBQ are:

Zinfandel: it has the body to take the ketchup, the peppery finish that can take any bold BBQ sauce, the Jammi flavor to pair well with the meat flavor, and the BBQ sauce don’t overpower it.  This wine goes well with everything on the table and you can even go to put a little spicy in your food that the acidity of the wine will take care of it.

Cabernet(Bourbon barrel aged): this was a surprise for me, the little sweetness that the vanilla flavor adds and the smokiness that the Cabernet gain in bourbon barrel adds to the BBQ flavor a new limit and new flavors that elevates the BBQ sauce and the Ketchup to another level with that wonderful smoke and vanilla flavors; it was a great surprise that it can even an take the lemon curated onions with ease.

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