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White wines worth of aging

In the world of wine everyone thinks the aging process is only for red wines, and we all forget that white wines that are also worth of aging. I am presenting here 3 examples of white wines that when you aged them will be rewarded with a very especial experiences; and you will understand how a little time in the bottle can transform and created new experiences for the wine drinker.

Chardonnay– when you aged wine of this grape, you gain a beautiful gold color, and the normal expected acid flavors like lemon and pear will change to more stone fruits flavors like apricot and pineapple creating a complexity that makes this wine a pleasant experience; the aroma changes from the vibrancy of apple and star fruit, and become more moderate, with more complex smells such as apricots and quince, and if it’s aged in lees transforming it in a more champagne like experience.

Resling– This wine is known to be low alcohol and high acidity. When it is young you find flavors of lime, lemon and green apple and even I dare to say pear; but when this wine aged in the bottle those acidity flavors are tamed and the acidity goes down, and the wine gains a very special aroma and flavor of petrol, this unique flavor profile rises this wine to achieve news heights in a wine tasting atmosphere.

Champagne– the ageing of champagne bottles is not exclusive of vintage selections; any champagne when is aged gets more mature, the acidity goes down, the crème fraiche and bread like flavor rises over the acidity, the color becomes more golden, but you lose bubbles, not to worry, you will be gaining new flavors in the bottle like white flowers creating a new exquisite experience.

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